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Treatment Gateway
RiverRock's RADIX IDC product suite includes a first of its kind, automated treatment engine further enabling our customers to minimize risk and exposure, reduce aging through near-real time monitoring of treatment event trigger factors, and maximize customer satisfaction levels.

The Treatment engine currently is capable of automatically performing the following tasks based on client defined business rules...
  • Add an adjustment or charge to an account
  • Advance a customer forward or backward in their currently defined treatment process
  • Apply a deposit against their balance
  • Change a customer's bill handle
  • Reset a customer's Local blocking settings
  • Place a selected pre-recorded telephone call to a customer
  • Send a customer to collections
  • Return a customer from collections
  • Integrate with local and long distance gateway
  • Generate and send a selected pre-defined letter to a customer
  • Take action based on Local SOC status received
  • Take action based on Lifeline status received
  • Set an invoice message to a pre-defined message
  • Set Long Distance credit limits or increase/decrease existing limits
  • Move a customer into a different treatment process
  • Zero out an account
  • Write off an account
  • ...and more

As you might surmise from the substantial capabilities listed above, the RiverRock treatment engine empowers our clients to automatically generate welcome letters, send out reminder emails, place thank you and anniversary calls, keep exposure to a minimum by enabling suspend/restore actions to fire the instant that your company begins mounting exposure levels beyond what you set.. and likewise, instantly fire off restore activities when payments are made to keep your customers satisfied.

Below are just some of the trigger factors that our clients can use to define their own treatment processes via our client treatment management UI...
  • Customer balances
    • Current Due
    • Total Due
    • Past Due
  • Due Date +/- x days
  • Credit Limits
  • Revenue Limits
  • Lifeline status
  • Days from disconnect
  • Number of bills
  • Days from start of treatment process
  • Local SOC
  • Days from customer start date
  • and more...
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