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Local Gateway
The RADIX IDC product suite includes a Local Service (LSOG) provisioning gateway. This is an integrated gateway, negating the need for contracts with 3rd party partners to achieve real-time order and pre-order capabilities. The seamless integration in RADIX IDC allows for single system entry of your customer information, preorder requests, order submission, and order status monitoring.

RiverRock is a certified Service Bureau for the following providers:
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • TelePacific Communications

The Pre-Ordering capabilities include:
  • Address Validation
  • TN Reservation
  • CSI Lookup

The Ordering capabilities include:
  • Conversion
  • Conversion with Change
  • New Install
  • Change
  • Suspend
  • Restore
  • Disconnect
  • ILEC Move (transfer from ILEC to a resale CLEC)
  • Outside Move
  • Record Change
  • Reject Processing
  • Status Monitoring

RiverRock is currently working to expose the built-in gateway capability of RADIX IDC into a SOA based service that CLEC's can consume to enable real-time provisioning even if they are not currently a user of our RADIX IDC product suite. Stay tuned...
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