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The RADIX IDC Product Development module enables you to implement new products and price offerings to align with your business demands. Leveraging industry proven tools, the Product Development module guides you through each stage of the product lifecycle, while simultaneously ensuring, all components of the product are accurate before the product is released.

With its customer-centric philosophy, RADIX IDC Customer Care offers a one-stop approach to managing a customer.
The RADIX IDC Product Development module enables the following functionality:
  • Flexible Usage Rate Plans – provides the ability to generate rate plans to support simple and complex rating structures. This includes Flat, Tiered, Lata, Band, State, On-Net, Off-Net, Distance, Time of Day, Bell, Non-Bell, Content, Packets, or any combination of these.

  • Product Grouping – provides the ability to define products within a specific service or usage grouping and target product offerings to specific services or usage patterns.

  • Fixed Priced Rate Plans – provides the ability to generate fixed priced recurring or non-recurring rate plans by service.

  • Discounting Structures – provides the ability to define discounting (such as volume, minimums, flat percentage or aggregated) within a product or across multiple products.

  • Service specific Bundling – provides the ability to bundle multiple rate plans into a single product offering.

  • Cross service Bundling – provides the ability to develop a single product offering with multiple services and usage patterns. The RADIX IDC Customer Care module enables you to feel confident knowing you have complete visibility and management of your customer base.

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