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Order Management
We understand that outside of the sales cycle, the order management process is your first opportunity to provide your customer a positive experience. For this reason, the RADIX IDC Order Management module was designed to provide end-to-end management of an order from the point of customer entry to service activation. Leveraging a table driven workflow engine, Order Management uses Wizards to ensure an order is properly defined within RADIX IDC.

RADIX IDC Order Management provides the following functionality:
  • Table driven Workflow Engine – enables an underlying workflow engine that allows you to define business rules and dependencies to control the flow of an order. The workflow engine enables you to define the following:

    • Activities – specific activities and tasks necessary to complete the order process
    • Activity Durations – length of time necessary to complete a specific activity
    • Automatic Workgroups Assignment – defining the responsible organizations for specific activities
    • Required Activities – identifying activities that are required to be completed before an order is approved
    • Cross Activity Dependencies – identifying activities that are dependent upon other activities before an order is approved

  • Wizard driven Order Flow – increase order accuracy by guiding you through each step of the order process.

  • Order Status – provides a central and secure view of the status of all customer orders, including the internal resources assigned to each. This view presents a comprehensive list of all orders in progress, in jeopardy, and completed.

  • Order Validation – enables you to define the business rules for required and dependent data elements within the order flow. In addition, Order Validation incorporates external data sources (MSAG, VH-TPM, LERG, USPS, etc.) to ensure accurate data throughout the entire order flow.
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