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Customer Care
The RADIX IDC Customer Care module enables you to feel confident knowing you have complete visibility and management of your customer base. With its customer-centric philosophy, RADIX IDC Customer Care offers a one-stop approach to managing a customer.

The RADIX IDC Customer Care module enables the following functionality:
  • Account Inquiry and Maintenance – provides access, based upon security privileges, to all customer related information, including account information, scanned documents, products, services, billing information and more.

  • Notes, Alerts, and Broadcast Messages – provides the ability to generate and view real time information relevant to the customer. The integrated messaging function enables critical information to be routed directly to internal users for immediate action.

  • Parent / Child Hierarchy Setup and Maintenance – provides the ability to setup a parent / child relationship for billing and reporting purposes. This allows you to relate accounts based on a hierarchy, establish the responsible party paying for the consolidated billing, and control the distribution of billing reports within the hierarchy.

  • Order Processing – provides the ability to add, modify or remove the services available to a customer.

  • Order Status – provides a complete and comprehensive view of the status of all orders associated with an account. Colored keys provide a quick, immediate indicator of each order’s status.

  • Activity Progress – provides real-time and historical access all order activities associated with an account.

  • Customer Satisfaction Indicator – provides an immediate indicator of a customer’s satisfaction. This feature is designed to help you achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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