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Company History
The origin of RiverRock Systems started in early 1998 when CapRock Communications Corporate teamed with Thompson Technology, Inc (TTI). Together, they created a strategic partnership that greatly enhanced and enabled CapRock to grow while at the same time provided TTI a live environment to develop business solutions for today’s competitive providers.

As an emerging IXC in 1998, CapRock was rapidly increasing its Long Distance wholesale and retail businesses. During this period, CapRock discovered that its back-office systems were not sufficient to sustain the company’s level of growth. Consequently, CapRock contracted TTI to build a system to off-load the critical portion of its wholesale business. TTI developed a high-speed, feature rich, customer-centric tiered rating, billing and accounting system complete with APIs to connect seamlessly with the preexisting billing platform.

In conjunction with the success of TTI’s application and the introduction of the Telecommunication Act of 1996, TTI and CapRock decided to dedicate additional resources to extend the application to fully support an Integrated Communication Provider (ICP) model. The open architecture system was designed to be leading edge, distributed, convergent, and scalable. With these requirements and CapRock’s backing, RiverRock Systems, Ltd. was formed in June 1998 as a limited partnership between CapRock and TTI.

In 2000, CapRock merged with McLeodUSA. RiverRock Systems bought back the original CapRock investment to become solely owned.
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